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2nd Link

"If anyone wants to follow me, let him renounce himself, carry his cross and follow me." (Mk. 8, 34)


For those who, having known our charisma, feel the desire to follow up on vocations, the Reborns in Pentecost Community is open to this experience, following the criteria established by the council of formators.


Life Community - 2nd Link


The Community of Life – "2º Elo" constitutes the central nucleus of the Reborns in Pentecostes Community, being exclusively formed by celibate lay people aged between 18 and 30 years. These members renounce secular life – professional activities and family environment, in a total and definitive dedication to the service of God and the Church within the spirituality of the Reborn in Pentecost.


Today, the Life Community has a "Mother House" where vocations receive ongoing formation and a Mission House for consecrated members. Divided into male and female houses, they live together in a healthy fraternal union, meeting every day around the Eucharist – the center of community life, sharing everything in common, like the first Christians, in a life of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience.


The missionary work of the Community is carried out through the Web Radio and TV Communication System, the Magazine, Livraria and other offices currently held in the São Pedro Parish in Taguatinga-Sul - Federal District, where the Founder, Father Moacir Anastácio, has been parish priest for a long time. seventeen years.


Vocational Process for the 2nd Link


In this first phase, single young people aged between 18 and 30 participate in formation and personal accompaniment meetings for a minimum period of (1) one year. Time in which they approach the Charism to get to know it, being directed to the later stage, according to maturity and vocational discernment.


In the second stage, those dedicated to the Reborns in Pentecostes Community live with other young people in our Mother House, under the guidance of formators. In this experience, which could last from six months to a year, it is necessary to move away from secular life (family, home and work) to dedicate oneself fully to the Charism.


At this stage, young people are called to develop our spirituality, getting to know a little more closely the life of the members of the community, in what is peculiar to them: prayer, formation, mission, leisure and sport, in human growth and in the availability to live in fraternity. He dedicates himself to his studies and is totally involved in our different evangelization works. After this time, the candidate for the Community of Life issues his first Promises, based on the Evangelical Advice: Poverty, Chastity and Obedience. Receives the medal with the characteristics of a member of the 2nd link, in a total surrender to God.


These Pledges are renewed annually for a minimum of two years, with the necessary follow-up to be admitted to the next phase. After this experience, feeling called to a definitive commitment and having spent the necessary time for this, the person who has been called makes his total consecration to God and to the charism of the Community, that is, giving himself up forever to the missionary life.

3rd Link

Alliance Community – 3rd Link

The "3rd Link" – Alliance Community is made up of men and women, single or married, over 18 years of age who, identifying with our spirituality, express the desire to actively participate in the work.

These members live in their own homes and exercise their professions, but assuming the Evangelical Councils – Promises, they commit to live according to the Charism of the Reborn in Pentecost Community, in a bond of unity and fraternal love.

Responsible for the propagation of our spirituality in the secular environment, the 3rd Link is called to live the integrality of the Charism in all circumstances, wherever and with whomever they are. They dedicate themselves to the intense work of evangelization of the Community, reconciling with their professional and family reality in a life of prayer, renunciation and surrender.

Vocational process for the 3rd link

The vocational process for the 3rd link consists of a period of four years of formation and personal accompaniment. At this stage, the vocation participates in biweekly meetings, where they pray, cultivate fraternal life and receive formation according to the Word of God, the Magisterium of the Church and have the first contact with the Charism of the Reborn in Pentecost Community, getting to know a little more closely our spirituality and missionary work.

After this formative process, feeling called to a definitive commitment to God himself, within our charism, the candidate for the 3rd link is invited to issue simple promises, based on the Evangelical Advice. Receives the medal with the characteristics of a member belonging to the alliance community, starting to dedicate himself more intensely to the mission of the Reborn in Pentecost Community.

You too can be Born Again at Pentecost.